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Word of the parish priest of Balasar


Honor, Praise and Glory to the Most Holy Trinity and to Blessed Alexandrina de Balasar


Because I want that soon after your death your life be known, and so it will be, I will make it so. It will reach the confines of the world”.

I want everything to be known, so that everyone can see how I communicate to the souls that want to love Me”.

(Words of Jesus to Alexandrina; 20/11/1937)



This is the purpose of the Sanctuary's site and the Alexandrina of Balasar Foundation in honor of Blessed Alexandrina. We want to disclose her Message for the Glory of God, and honor and praise to Blessed Alexandrina.

We transcribed some texts of Blessed Alexandrina revealing the will of Jesus that her life and work be known all over the world, and the benefits of this knowledge.

Alexandrina writes, in a letter to Father Mariano Pinho, what Jesus told her on the 20th of November of 1937:

«My good and dear Father, on the 20th , Our Lord told me:

“My daughter, My jewel, My Golden, most richest safe of the Most Holy Trinity. Most richest because you have in you these Divine figures. If you knew how much you are loved by them! My daughter, I only tell you about greatness and the love I have for you because it is good for the souls. Because I want that soon after your death your life be known, and so it will be, I will make it so. It will reach the confines of the world, just as the voice of the Pope consecrating the world to my dear Mother. I want everything to be known, so that everyone can see how I communicate to the souls that want to love Me”.

(Letter to Father Mariano Pinho; 22/11/1937)



«Every soul that visits you will have its name inscribed by your Angel upon my Heart, and will be saved. Even those that visit you led by curiosity and bad intentions. Your pain will be an invincible force capable of saving everyone. All this is part of the mission I entrusted to you, the most noble and sublime mission.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 07/06/1946)



«Every soul that visits you, a sinner or someone eager for Me, all will be saved, unless they abuse My promise and relying upon it continue their lives of sin, a life of offenses towards Me. After your death all those sinners that have been commended to you will be saved. And do you know who's going to take to heaven all the requests and messages? It is your guardian Angel. How beautiful and glorious is your mission! How Jesus has enriched you! What a great proof of love to the world!»

(Feelings of the Soul; 25/10/1946)



In the year of her death, on the 13th of May of 1955, on the 38th anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady in Fatima, Jesus claims:

«After your death, your sepulcher, your grave, will speak intimately to thousands, to thousands of sinners. The souls will come to you, and by you, as now, they will continue to be enriched.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 13/05/1955)


On the 2nd of September of 1949, after an ecstasy:

«It was for them (the souls), My daughter, that I have created you, it was the most sublime mission that I entrusted to you, and as a proof that it is to save them that you endure this Calvary, I give you all the graces, I deliver to you all the means. Make them come to you in great numbers, I will make them surround your grave and call you when you're in Heaven.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 02/09/1949)


Our Lady to Alexandrina:

«Today, the day of my Immaculate Conception, is the day we deliver your kingdom. It starts today, it's yours, guide it, rule it and keep it. Keep it on the earth as you will keep it and govern it on the heavens. I chose this day that in my honor is kept, so that in union with me be celebrated the day that I gave you the kingdom of mankind. When the world will come to know this, with me you shall be lauded.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 08/12/1944)


Fortunately, the life and message of Blessed Alexandrina quickly spread around the world. Many are the writings and several the books, where many people express their admiration and spiritual experience based upon the life and message of Blessed Alexandrina.


Now, that the official site of the Alexandrina de Balasar Foundation is presented to the devotees of Blessed Alexandrina, we want to honor in a particular way the work of its spiritual directors, Father Mariano Pinho and Father Humberto Pasqualle. Without their perseverance and “faith” in Alexandrina, this great message of God would be poorly known today. Their books opened the way and were fundamental in the fulfillment of the prophecy of Jesus. Thanks to them, we get to know this jewel of Jesus and role model for the Christian life.


But today, there are other areopagus, other pulpits, other books without which the message will be available only to a few. Internet is currently the greatest mean of communication to the world. Therefore, the Alexandrina de Balasar Foundation will use a website and other means to give knowledge to the world about the greatness of the message that God transmits us through Blessed Alexandrina and, so, to help fulfill the desire and mandate of Jesus.


All be for the Glory of the Most Holy Trinity, the Glory of the Dear Mother, and gratitude and praise to Blessed Alexandrina for her total self-bestowal to the Lord as a victim of love for mankind. She is the “Spouse of Blood”. Thus was she defined by the Blessed Pope John Paul II at the homily of her proclamation as Blessed of the Catholic Church.


P. Manuel Neiva

Parish Priest of Balasar

President of the Alexandrina de Balasar Foundation

Marian year
October 31 2017
75th anniversary of the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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